Steal Fashion From Your Dad

9878c96394cb0bf66dbd1f2cdd0ac7f138313ed7Jealous of your dad’s constant comfort? Join him.

Father’s day creates the dilemma of searching for a present for the man that is impossible to shop for. Skip buying that bulk order of thick crew socks. Bypass going to Eddie Bauer and picking up a pair of basic pants. This year you should gift him something that you can borrow from time to time. Dads are your best friends and there is nothing like sharing a closet with your bestie.

Go into your dad’s closet. Look for hidden gems. Among the masses of Bermuda shorts, loafers, and fanny packs lie undiscovered fashion statements.

Hawaiian shirts may sometimes be tacky, but they are always fun. Throw one on with a pair of cutoff shorts or use it as a cover-up after a day by the pool.

Floppy hats and croakie sunglasses keep your head shaded during these summer months and pay tribute to the fishing trips that dad convinced you to go on. Looking masculine is not a negative. Take this father’s day and show him that you appreciate his iconic style and practical choices.

Borrowing from your dad can have the consequence of providing too much comfort. Dad jeans will let your body move and make it hard to transition back to a pair of skinny jeans. You don’t have to be a dad yourself to rock the “dad bod” and why not wear a shirt announcing it to the world?


Practicality and comfort are two things that should not be lost to fashion. So maybe dads were on the right path all along with their outfit choices. In addition to his clothing, try to borrow his humor too. Dad jokes will never go out of style and will always be hilarious.

Looking for a way to show that you care this father’s day? Go for matching outfits and relax in side-by-side bark-o-loungers.


And unless you are the same size shoe as your dad, you can skip putting on his New Balance Velcro sneakers and go for something more flattering. Check out our new Pre Fall collection here.

Want more dad fashion inspiration? Check out this hilarious instagram dedicated to showcasing the best outfits a dad can wear. @fashiondads_ 





Written by Nora Cygan.