Be Patriotic Without Wearing the Flag

The Fourth of July is the best holiday for three specific reasons. 1.) It involves fireworks. 2.) It involves fashion. And 3.) It’s made for indulging in food/drinks. The only other possible aspect that could make it better would be the exchange of presents.

Fireworks are so weird and so beautiful. But, have you ever found yourself wondering how the first firecracker came to be? Or who thought it was cool enough to design light shows with fireworks shaped like the American flag or exploding hearts?

Well for a brief history, the first firework is thought to be Chinese. Bamboo cracks and makes a loud noise when heated up, so a basic form of gunpowder was stuffed inside bamboo shoots and then thrown into a fire or heated area which would result in a minor explosion. The reason? To scare off evil spirits that might be lingering around.

The first fireworks for July fourth happened in 1777 because John Adams ordered it so. He was pretty jazzed about the whole independence thing so he declared that the holiday should be celebrated with decadence including “illuminations from one end of this continent to the other from this time forward forever more.”

Why do people like fireworks so much? Who knows. I can only speak from my personal experience and I love them because of the bright colors, choreography, and loud dramatic noises. And because when I was little I felt like a total badass setting off the occasional cherry bomb or snake rocket without parental permission.

Find yourself in New York City this July 4th? Macy’s is sponsoring the fireworks and they are set to take place on the east river. Prime watching locations include rooftop bars on the east side. But try to not dress like a fool while gazing into the sky. Seriously though, we’re all about patriotism within fashion, but some people actually wear American flags draped across their bodies and it is a serious cringe inducing crime. Fourth of July outfits should be classy and free, just like our country. And by free I mean extra-flowy, because you should be prepared to let freedom ring, and your trapeze dress swing.

Red White and Blue clothing? Yes, but be subtle. Stars and stripes? Maybe. If they are small, cute patterns that don’t scream “I took this outfit right off of the town center flag pole!”




Animals are another story. The more over the top their outfit is, the better. Take note of these cuties and show that every member of your family is patriotic.







4edf97d4ff073c8383a4054c7d52c983Now go forth! (get it? Fourth?) Enjoy the holiday weekend and look fabulous while doing it!


Written by Nora Cygan.