Stick a Flower in your Man’s Beard

Some people love a man with a beard. Some prefer a clean-shaven face. Whatever your preference, we should all be able to appreciate the majesty of some beautifully grown facial hair. Not so convinced beards are for you? Well we’re convinced that flower beards are for everyone.





The placing of items in your beard trend seems to have started with Pierre Thiot who placed an array of items in his beard and had his wife photograph it. Many of his pictures feature him with household items placed delicately and artfully in his beard and then posing for his wife. Some stand out pictures feature raw noodles, Dum Dums, and Legos. His facial hair project was weirdly beautiful. And sparked the idea that a beard is really just a nest with unlimited potential. Stick anything in there!

Red Poppy Photos by Stacy Thiot

The flower trend will make you do a double take when passing by a man with a bouquet of flowers strategically placed in his beard. Its a way to show off the great summer weather and pick flowers from your garden. In the winter it is a great way to show that the weather hasn’t gotten you down.

Feeling down? Put some greenery in your beard or in your friends beard or in a stranger’s beard! You have flowers in your beard! You made something shockingly pretty! Its impossible to be gloomy when you embrace this trend.



will it beard

Written by Nora Cygan.