“Brazil continues to have some of the best factories, leathers and textiles in the world. I knew because of my experience and passion for my home
country I would always produce there and continue to build awareness for
the industry.” – Jacques Messeca

In 2009, Brazilian native Jacques Messeca stepped out from behind the scenes of his more than two decade career manufacturing private label footwear and launched his namesake brand. Equal parts fun and edgy, Messeca New York developed an instant cult-like following.

Now in 2015, the brand is undergoing an exciting creative relaunch. With an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, Messeca New York is modernizing its ‘edge’ and blending it seamlessly with easy and effortless styles. The gritty and sometimes vulnerable spirit of New York City is always present yet contrasted with a sophistication that make Messeca New York shoes versatile and agile just like the women who wear them.